These two are so giddy! Being able to see the comfort they have around one another, along with all the fun they have added on to that, is a cool thing to see!

When I first sat down with Zach and Taylor, I began to get really excited for them to get married and that was the first time that I had met them! Within minutes, it was plain to see the joy they had for one another, and after engagement pictures it was neat to see even more of that joy. I am extremely thankful that these two toughed out the cold weather and also went rock hopping with me at a river somewhere in Raleigh. Congratulations you two and excited to tell your story next year!



Raleigh, NC

Taylor and Zach's Rock Quarry Farm Wedding | Anderson Shore Photography | Wedding Photographer - […] Taylor and Zach’s wedding day. These two are so welcoming and have been full of joy since I met them! They were so excited to get married and be able to share life with one another and I think the […]

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