the youngs

this family is so special to kerri and me as i lived with jeremy and tori for a few months and they did our pre-marital counseling. the graciousness that these two show is amazing and we are so glad to call them our friends and we could easily call them family as well.  we haven’t known jeremy and tori since they started their adoption process but we met them in the middle of it and were able to pray with them that one day the Lord would bless them with some kids. it was a tough journey. after three years of waiting, they finally got word that they would be adopting three children from Colombia. then after that they traveled to Colombia to bring their kids home they had to live in Colombia for nine weeks. waiting for the judges approval to make them parents they had to wait, again. finally, it became official and jeremy wrote this on their blog, “the paperwork is done. it’s settled. the gavel has fallen. they have been adopted…past tense. nevermore will they be orphans. they are now son and daughters.”  you can read here for more of their story. enjoy this story of adoption, family, redemption and the continual love and grace that the Youngs get to show their children, Isabella, Emery and Shepherd.

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