What can I say about Sarah and Scott? Actually, a lot. These two were so awesome to work with. I knew when I saw how Sarah and Scott interacted during our meetings that these two loved one another and wanted their wedding to be very intentional and authentic. Their wedding day was that. The way these two welcomed their guests and enjoyed the presence of their closest friends and family was a beautiful thing to witness.

Their wedding was set in the mountains of Virginia at the mountain house that Sarah grew up going to which made for an even more intimate environment. It was so neat to see how Sarah and Scott used this property and their friends to make it a special day. However, what I saw the most on this wedding day was how much Scott cared for Sarah and how excited Sarah was to be marrying Scott. The joy that filled Scott when he saw Sarah walk down the aisle and the way these two looked at each other and made promises to one another made it a beautiful day to capture. The hugs were a bit longer, the joy and happiness was in something deeper and the love these two have for one another points to something greater.

Congratulations Sarah and Scott and thank you so much for trusting me to tell your story.

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