it was great to be able to spend some time with new friends  this past weekend! when i was in nc to shoot a wedding i was able to hang out with some of the couples that i will be shooting weddings for later this year. i love getting to know my clients so that they become friends and i am able to tell a more accurate story when it comes to their wedding day. i get to know what they like about each other, what have been the best times in their relationship and what have been the hard times. thankful for those conversations.

this is exactly why i was thankful for the time to get to know patrick and chelsey. it was awesome to be able to see the joy that these two have for one another. if i am able to capture a glimpse of what these two feel about each other in an honest way then i am definitely happy with that. congratulations to patrick and chelsey on their upcoming marriage and thanks so much for sharing the afternoon with me!

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durham, nc

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