kerri and i have enjoyed getting to know loucinda and foster ever since their engagement session (check it out here) late last year.  this was one of our first weddings of 2014 and we were excited to head to knoxville to tell the story of these two.

here are a few of my thoughts about their wedding and every wedding day: a wedding day is made up of a bunch of little moments, and when all of the little moments from this particular day came together it truly made an incredible day.  the little flower girl telling her mom that “she wants to be a bride,” the groom being just a “tad” nervous before the ceremony, and the end of the night where good bye hugs were given out were just a few of these moments. thats what makes up a wedding, those are the moments that i want to capture and also for you to hold on to. so for that reason, that is why i shoot weddings. i want to tell a story that is made up of a bunch of little moments.

congratulations loucinda and foster! it was a beautiful day.

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knoxville, tn

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