attention everyone! i dont ask for much so please, please, please look through this whole post. kyle and durga are awesome and the community around them was a beautiful thing to see. kerri and i were so blessed to be able to shoot this wedding.

when i met with kyle and durga to talk about shooting their wedding they told me that their families and background were very different but the one thing that was unifying in their relationship and their wedding is Jesus. solid. right when i heard that i thought to myself, and i might have said this out loud, “i have got to shoot this wedding.” i dont know if that was before durga told em that she was going to be painted up with henna and kyle told me that he was going to be wearing his naval uniform. i enjoyed shooting the wedding, editing the pictures and telling this story. so much diversity, so much love and a whole bunch of fun was displayed at this wedding and i hope you are able to get a glimpse of how awesome it was.

garner, nc

Sarah Weiner - Anderson and Kerri, these are absolutely amazing!!! I’m so thankful I get to see such a great glimpse of their day through these since I couldn’t be there myself! Great work, may the blessings abound 🙂

Sarah Smoot - Just to let you know, I am Jay Smoot’s mom and wanted to say this was indeed a beautiful wedding. I so enjoyed the pics and the joint culture of this wedding. God is such a wonderful God that can change the lifes we touch each and every day and I find this to be one of those moments. To know that they are Christians and starting their life together as one in Christ is the best possible way to start a shared life.

Sarah Smoot

Siva (Durga's dad) - Great shots Mr. Shore!! I am a photographer myself, covered many wedding and functions in India. But these are truly unique wedding pictures. I am very proud of Durga and Kyle for choosing you to cover their wedding.

God Bless and Best Wishes.

Rajavellu.E - Thank you Mani for given me an opperunity to see your family through photo’s. God bless you and convey my regards to the young couples.

Nicole H - Randomly found your blog. Good work. This wedding is so beautiful and fun and so much love is captured here… it literally brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to see all the different cultures and traditions represented at their ceremony and reception. I hope the bride and groom have a very long and happy life together, filled with joy from God.

andersonshore - Hey Nicole and everyone else! Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your comments. They are really appreciated.

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