Kim+Jake: The Proposal

Do not know where to start with this. Kerri and I are so excited that her little sister, Kimberly is getting married to Jake! Being able to hear about Jake, then meet Jake, and then help Jake out in proposing to Kimberly has been a blast. We are looking forward to the day that they get to say “I do” to one another and be a part of their special day. Now to the proposal!

If any of you know Jake, you know that he is an outgoing guy that will talk to anybody. You also would know that when Jake gets nervous he talks even more! I was able to walk around with Jake the day before he proposed to Kimberly and to be able to hear his excitement to propose was great, but it was even cooler to hear that his main thought for the proposal and the weekend was “whatever Kim would like I want to do” and “how is she going to feel most loved.”

The next day, Kerri and I went to go hang out with Kimberly and tried to convince her that we were just going to downtown Raleigh to meet Jake for dinner after work (I don’t think we did the best job of being secretive, but oh well). We led Kimberly to a local restaurant and on to the rooftop patio and there was Jake waiting for her. Taking Kimberly by her hand, Jake began reading a note to her and professing all the ways that he had seen the Lord work in their relationship. The rest of the story can be seen through the photos below. Enjoy!

Congratulations Kimberly and Jake! We are pumped for you two and cant wait to see you get married!

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Raleigh, NC

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