these two were such a joy to be around. jillian and manny were probably one of the easiest couples to take pictures of because of how they showed their love for one another. right after the first look¬†kerri said to me “well, they are making it easy on us.” the reason for that is because they were so excited¬†to be with one another.

i love being reminded that marriage is a joy and a blessing, and that is one of many reasons why i love my job. it reminds me that i have been shown much grace to be able to witness marriages beginning with joy but also to be reminded in my own life that i get to continue to experience that joy even after tough conversations or cleaning the dishes. i get to be a part of telling the story when two people come together and say no matter what, i am in it for the long haul…i am committed to you.

now back to jillian and manny’s day, their wedding was beautiful, joyful, and a great celebration. to see their community pray for them, love them and celebrate them was awesome. enjoy their day and how much love comes from these two.

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