there are many joyful moments that happen on a wedding day and cheyenne and jacob’s wedding reflected that! for example, the fun little moments between bridesmaids and bride when they are getting ready, the first time the bride and groom see one another, the time when their wedding photographer doesn’t know how to drive a golf cart very well (might have been more scary than joyful) and the hugs that are given at the reception. however, there are also moments where we remember the moments that lead up to our wedding day. for cheyenne and jacob, this was a day to remember those moments.

i was going to try and describe what was being remembered on this day but i think cheyenne’s words tell a better story. this was written about a month before their wedding.

“Today, I packed a suitcase to travel to Arkansas for my grandfathers funeral. I couldn’t help but reminisce and think about all the times I’ve packed that same suitcase to escape for a retreat at their farm. As I looked back, I was forced to look forward as well. I’ll be packing that suitcase again in a few short weeks for our wedding and honeymoon. My grandfather was going to officiate our wedding and I was so honored. He married my parents and baptized me when I was eleven years old. I was so looking forward to his being such a part of this next big step. He passed quickly this Monday, and didn’t suffer long. As bitterly as we are all going to miss him, my grandfather was one of the strongest people I’ve ever known, and a faithful follower of Jesus his whole life. I’ve never seen a couple more in love than my grandparents, and boy, did he love my grandmother. I am thankful beyond words for the legacy that he leaves and am so excited that he’s worshipping with Jesus now.”

weddings are full of joy, community and grace but they are also full of remembering the one’s we love and celebrate their lives and how they loved us so well. thank you jacob and cheyenne for allowing me to tell the story of your beautiful day.

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venue: The Wren’s Nest

flowers: Murfreesboro Flower Shop

bride’s dress: The White Room

groom’s ┬ásuit: J. Crew

catering: O’Possum’s Pub

murfreesboro, tn

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