what a great way to start off 2014. it was so neat to be able to tell the story of two families coming together to celebrate two people getting married. having only family members attend the ceremony, the ceremony being held at the bride’s great grandmother’s home, and the ability to see all of the interactions between family members made this a very intimate and beautiful day. kerri and i were so glad to be a part of this day. we try to tell a story that is filled with joy, grace, redemption, community and celebration, and that is what we try to capture when we have cameras in our hands. we are so excited that brooke and matt are married and honored that we were able to tell the story of the day when these two began their journey of being married to each other.

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dickson, tn

Barb Blair - Wonderful, wonderful photos! Great story telling!

Carla - Beautiful photos & wonderfully documented. They look very much in love 🙂

blair - probably one of the loveliest weddings i’ve ever seen. your photos are stunning. -blair

anderson - blair, thank you so much for the comment. means a lot! yall’s wedding looked like a lot of fun!

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