it was so neat to be able to spend time with brandon and ashley during their engagement session, as well as hearing about their next steps after graduating from NC State. these two will be moving out to Wilmington, NC to be a part of a church plant from the Summit Church, which is quite similar to Kerri and my story. So not only has it been great to celebrate their engagement, but it has also been a joy to share some of the things that Kerri and I learned in our experience with getting married and moving to a new place to be on mission.

one thing that i want to do as a wedding photographer is to care about my clients so much that when their wedding day comes along I can be another guest at their wedding and one that wants to celebrate their marriage. i know that is happening with ashley and brandon and many of my clients. i am so excited to be able to tell the stories of my clients and their beautiful wedding days that are filled with community, joy, grace and celebration.

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