It is such a privilege to tell the story of someone’s wedding day, and it was a huge honor to be able to do that for Ali and Shane! We felt so welcomed by Ali and Shane, and it was so neat to see how Kerri and my relationship with Ali and Shane grew into a friendship. We were greeted on their wedding day with gifts being handed to us. Who does that?!

We had such a great time shooting at the Merrimon-Wynne House in downtown Raleigh and it was a beautiful day. Not only was it beautiful outside but there were so many authentic moments that we were able to witness and capture. To be able to see Ali and her mom’s relationship and excitement for Ali’s wedding day arriving, Shane being able to hang out and enjoy his family and groomsmen, and Ali and Shane being able to celebrate their marriage was an awesome experience. Congratulations Ali and Shane! We are so glad we had the opportunity to capture your wedding day!

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Raleigh, NC

Ali Riter - We adore our photos! An amazing day captured by a wonderful photographer!! Lucky to call you all friends as well 🙂

anderson - Thanks Ali! We are lucky too!

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