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 Charli and Morgan are one of the most caring and genuine couples I have met. Ever since Kerri and I first sat downview the whole thing »


what a great way to start off 2014. it was so neat to be able to tell the story of two families coming together toview the whole thing »


oh man! i can’t even start to explain how much i enjoyed this day. loved seeing the joy that charlie and ashleyview the whole thing »


Being able to take pictures for Jenna and Landon at one of their “spots” was awesome. It is always great toview the whole thing »


these two were such a joy to be around. jillian and manny were probably one of the easiest couples to take pictures ofview the whole thing »


kerri’s brother and his family came for a visit and it was refreshing to take some pictures of our little nieceview the whole thing »


 kerri and i had a great time with caleb and hannah! we are excited to tell the story of their wedding day thisview the whole thing »


 it was so neat to be able to hear a little bit about bryan and kinsey’s story. thankful for the opportunity toview the whole thing »


 this was a beautiful day with so many beautiful emotions. i am so thankful to tell stories that consist of love andview the whole thing »


it was so neat to be able to spend time with brandon and ashley during their engagement session, as well as hearingview the whole thing »


once again, i love getting to know my clients because it helps me tell a better story of their upcoming day. my timeview the whole thing »


there are many joyful moments that happen on a wedding day and cheyenne and jacob’s wedding reflected that! forview the whole thing »


 AJ and Katherine are great, enough said. it was so neat to be able to see how these two interact and how they are soview the whole thing »


I don’t really know where to start with how great these two are. they have been such an encouragement to kerri andview the whole thing »


it was great to be able to hang out with Paul and Allison and take some pictures to celebrate their engagement. we areview the whole thing »


 kerri and i have enjoyed getting to know loucinda and foster ever since their engagement session (check it out here) view the whole thing »


it was great to be able to spend some time with new friends  this past weekend! when i was in nc to shoot a wedding iview the whole thing »


these two are great. simple enough. you might remember them from here. it was pretty neat to be able to capture theirview the whole thing »


the time with foster and loucinda was such a relaxing and joy-filled time. it was great to see how these two interactview the whole thing »

the youngs

this family is so special to kerri and me as i lived with jeremy and tori for a few months and they did our pre-maritalview the whole thing »


this was a good day. it was a great privilege to be able to witness and also take pictures of the community andview the whole thing »


 it was awesome to be able to hang out with Morgan and Charli in Memphis and to be able to celebrate their engagement!view the whole thing »


it has been a little bit since i have last blogged due to the busyness of the end of wedding season but i am excited toview the whole thing »

our niece, emma

a few months ago kerri and i became aunt and uncle! we are so excited for robbie and lauren and we love our little nieceview the whole thing »


leading up to this day, i was really excited to shoot william and samantha’s wedding. you might remember these twoview the whole thing »


aaron and paige are an awesome couple to be around. they are so relaxed and just a joy to spend time with. we were ableview the whole thing »


such great friends, so many sweet moments, it was truly a great day. this was a weekend kerri and i were looking forwardview the whole thing »


johnny and jenny were so fun to be around and kerri and i enjoyed exploring downtown charlotte with them. we cant waitview the whole thing »


attention everyone! i dont ask for much so please, please, please look through this whole post. kyle and durga areview the whole thing »


this day went by so fast! the advantage of being a photographer is being able to sort through the photos from a weddingview the whole thing »


 this was such a great day and beautiful wedding. there is a lot to look through but as you scroll down the page youview the whole thing »


great day. great wedding. great people. congratulations brenton and april! nashville, tnview the whole thing »


i am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to tell stories and to capture moments. i love my job and my clients andview the whole thing »


this day was amazing. the excitement that eric and jenique had on their special day was a neat thing to witness. hopeview the whole thing »


it has been so neat to see eric and sarah’s story play out! i was able to get a close-up view of how these two gotview the whole thing »


Alexandra won my senior session give-a-way and we had an awesome time walking around downtown Murfreesboro. I had aview the whole thing »


this was a great senior session with kyler! awesome guy and look forward to more senior sessions this year. attentionview the whole thing »


this engagement session was awesome! yeah, we did some cool things (picnics, throwing sequins, and going on an adventureview the whole thing »


i am so excited to be posting these pics. tom and evan are great friends of kerri and mine. kerri has been best friendsview the whole thing »


i am pretty sure that brent and april didn’t stop smiling while we are on their engagement shoot. the only time isview the whole thing »


this was my last wedding of 2012 and what a way to go out. great friends, sweet venue, and a really cool bride and groomview the whole thing »


william and samantha are going to kill me. i put their secret handshake on the blog. i’m sorry but it was just tooview the whole thing »


you might remember matt and lauren from their engagement session! it has been awesome to get to know these two and itview the whole thing »


WARNING: you are about to fall in love with these two. i really believe that this was one of my most relaxing shootsview the whole thing »

i am getting married…and i am super pumped.

this is an exciting week as i am preparing to marry kerri. i have always wanted to do a post on kerri and ourview the whole thing »

the woodham boys

i guarantee that at some point while looking at this post you are going to smile because of how cute these boys are. itview the whole thing »


lauren was able to get some bridal portraits done before her wedding and they turned out great! i love getting to knowview the whole thing »

the atwood family

words really cant explain how much love i have for this family. micah and isaac have brought so much joy in my life andview the whole thing »


getting together with morgan and brett in nashville was awesome! being able to spend a good amount of time with theseview the whole thing »


this summer has been awesome and a huge blessing! i had the pleasure to capture moments on danny and courtnie’sview the whole thing »


steven and louisa are officially the first nashville couple up on the blog! it was great to get to know these two andview the whole thing »


i am so excited to be sharing this story with you! jacob has been one of my best friends since freshman year when weview the whole thing »


todd and jenna’s wedding in chapel hill was a whole bunch of fun! their families were awesome, the aqueductview the whole thing »

josh + betsy

did i have fun with josh and betsy? most definitely yes! josh and betsy have been together since their first date inview the whole thing »